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February Newsletter 2017

An ongoing series of informational entries

When Woundedness Leads To Life

By Laurie Nichols

February 1, 2017

Caring for people is sometimes really hard. Helping them move to a place where they can hear and receive love, let alone receive the good news of the gospel, can often take months, years, decades. Woundedness is a great barrier to receiving the love of God. But more than that, woundedness is often the very vehicle God uses to open hearts wide enough to truly see, hear, and feel His love in its fullness. No wound is too wide, too deep, or too old to heal.

Isaiah 43:19 has recently become a favorite verse of mine. In it, there is no expectation that we can already see what God is up to in the woundedness of the world or our own lives. We answer the question which lies in the middle of this passage with a piercing, “NO!” and it’s okay. We aren’t expected to see. We are expected to have faith. God “is about to do something new.” Nay, God has “already begun” to do something new. And often, we don’t see it. We yearn for those around us who are broken to be fully healed. We long for those in darkness to see the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus. We pray. We work. We wait.

And nothing seems to happen. There once was a people of God who waited 400 years to see God work. And in a moment, there He was: the Savior of the World.

Isaiah 43:19 reminds us that in the dead of winter, seeds grow beneath the hard ground. “I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” What looks like barrenness now, God is making new. God is slowly loosening the hardness of hearts and the wounds which seem to never heal so that life will shine forth. Do you feel it? Do you believe it?


Laurie Nichols is New Name's very own writer. She writes the beautiful monthly devotionals. The Lord has truly gifted Laurie and we are so grateful that she shares her talent for New Name. Thank you Laurie!