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May 2019 Sister Spotlight

God Sent The Rain

By Amanda

May 1, 2019

I look in your eyes

And I know

I don't want to do this

But the kids must eat

Their shoes no longer fit their feet

School fees are due

And it's so cold

We gotta keep the heat

And I love their little faces so much

I would really love

Just to give them a treat

So I look back in those strangers' eyes

And I silently plead

Please don't make me do this

But they don't care

They don't see the struggles

The pain

The bills

The kids

Just another stranger

Another damn creep

So I pop them pills

And I fill the cup all the way up

Until my brain goes so still

So I can't even feel

God. Please help me heal

Living this kinda way

My soul

I kill

And all I really want

Is just to heal

And not have to feel

All this pain

God you sent the rain

You cleansed my soul

And there's not so much pain

Every day you make a way

If I would of trusted you sooner

Maybe my heart wouldn't of ended up

So rusted

Life so busted

But it's ok now

My heart is full

It's your praises I sing

It's to you my hands

Are raised.

God you get all my praise!

Our Sister Spotlight is written by an amazing sister we journey alongside. If you were moved by her poetry, we'd love to hear from you!