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January 2019 Sister Spotlight

Our Sister Spotlight is written by an amazing sister we journey alongside. If you enjoyed reading her devotion, we'd love to hear from you!

The Undeserving Waitress

January 1, 2019

On a chilly Friday evening in December, my daughter and I sat down at a packed, noisy and congested Texas Road House for dinner. We had been waiting for over a half an hour for our buzzer to buzz. I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into their infamous high carb rolls.

It seemed like an eternity before the waitress took our order and when she brought the rolls, they were cold. I could see my daughter getting agitated with the unsatisfactory service and cold food. She burst out and said, "I hope she don't think she's getting a tip! She doesn't deserve one!" When I glanced over at our waitress, her hair bun was disheveled, she looked tired and who knew how long she had been at work. I instantly reached in my purse for a tip.

Often we don't deserve the grace and mercy that our heavenly Father bestows upon us, nevertheless Luke 6:36: "Be merciful just as your Father is merciful."

I quietly explained to my daughter why I decided to tip the waitress regardless of our bad experience. Her expression instantly softened and she reached in her purse for a tip too.