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Our Continuing Care Initiative aims to build a support network around the women we have the great privilege of walking alongside. These resources are available for women who are in the industry or are working on transitioning out and are not yet part of a restorative program.


We connect women with food pantries in their area or help them get set up with government assistance. However, in the interim, we offer food and toiletries to temporarily help with this resource.


Most women coming out of the adult industry are in need of transportation to get to a job, an interview, childcare, counseling, court, and other social service resources.  We purchase passes for trains and buses, and for women in the suburbs, we often use Uber. 


We help connect the women to licensed counselors. We do not provide counseling but offer financial assistance.


Many of the women that come to us come from backgrounds in which they have received a conviction of some sort. In addition, many of the women we work with are minorities who have not been given fair treatment within the legal system. Having a legal conviction on their record is often difficult for women when they are trying to find a job outside of the adult industry.

In an effort to give them a fresh start, we help connect them with legal resources through organizations that will work with them individually to provide the best possible record to start a new life. 

Job Readiness

We help with resumes, locating continuing education programs and job searches. We also partner with local organizations to  help in the search and find appropriate office clothing.

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