New Name 

Is a ministry of Love, Hope and Presence to women in the adult

 industry through safe relationships and empowerment.

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If you sense someone is trafficked or exploited, please call the above trafficking hotline. 

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New Name is a faith-based outreach to women in the adult industry. Founded in July of

2009, New Name has grown to 15 chapters throughout the Chicagoland area. 

Each month our teams collectively reach out to over 60 venues and make calls to over 100

women advertised online for prostitution. We also teach about the dangers of sex

trafficking and prostitution to at risk and incarcerated young women and men, and raise awareness within our communities about the dangers of sex trafficking.

New Name is a not-for-profit. We have no paid staff and currently do no fundraising but

solely rely on donations from churches and from our ministry partners who are passionate

about reaching women in the adult industry with the love of Jesus.​ 

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In the spring of 2015 we started our Safer Place Initiative, which quickly 

transitions women out of prostitution into temporary housing until they can 

move into a restorative program out of state

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Prayer is the backbone of New Name. It is vital to our ministry. We know the work we do is the Lord’s work.  Click here to learn more about how you can partner with us in prayer. 

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Many of the women in the adult industry were sexually abused or trafficked as children. Today, we have an opportunity to prevent sexual abuse and trafficking from occurring in our communities .  Click below to learn more. 

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We reach out to women in the adult industry and Asian massage parlors with an outreach model based on building relationships. Click below to learn how to reach women in your community. 

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Our Call Centers make calls to women advertised online for prostitution to offer prayer, resources and a listening ear.  If you have a heart to reach women in your community, click below to learn more. 

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We are dedicated to bringing human trafficking awareness to the larger community.  Our work with local churches, non-profits, law enforcement and law makers is vital in helping educate the larger population. 

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We engage high school leaders through prayer and projects to learn about human trafficking and to raise awareness within their peer groups about sex trafficking.

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Our Continuing Care Initiative aims to build a support network around the women we have the great privilege of walking alongside. These resources are available for women who are in the industry or are transitioning out.

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New Name's Bridal Boutique generates funds to benefit exploited and trafficked women. Proceeds benefit New Name and other local organizations assisting exploited and trafficked women.

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In November of 2017 we launched our John Helpline to address the demand side of prostitution.  This helpline fields calls from men purchasing sex online (Johns) who want help with their sexual addiction.

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New Name is an invaluable resource to girls both in and coming out of the business (or "the life"). The people at New Name are so nurturing and caring. I felt so comfortable talking to them about my problems. New Name was such a blessing to me and the girls I worked with. It was like a breath of fresh air every time they came into see us and I looked forward to each visit!

Former Escort Business Owner

Former Escort Business Owner

What our customers are saying

I love being apart of New Name's call center because it’s a way to give hope and share love. As a survivor of the sex trafficking world, I know what it is like to be alone and hopeless in that hell on earth. Through a simple phone call, you can give hope to the hopeless and love someone that has never felt healthy love before. A girl’s life can be changed forever just starting with a phone call. I love seeing how God reaches out and touches the girls, through volunteers who are brave enough to ask the question, “How are you doing, can I pray for you?” I love call center because it’s a way to get involved, make a difference and change someone’s life, by loving the way Jesus has loved me.

Volunteer & Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Volunteer  & Survivor of Sex Trafficking

What our customers are saying

New-Name is more than a ministry to ​me. New-Name is my spiritual family. Since day one, they've had my best interest at heart while helping me stay on the right path. They believe in me, they encourage me, they remind me of who I am in Christ. Most importantly, they are constantly praying for me; for my health, my kids, my family, my future. I am so Blessed to have support from such a beautiful group of diverse women. Thank you New-Name.

Former Escort

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